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Stoltzfus Feeder Wagons

We are a dealer for Stoltzfus "Well Built" feeder wagons designed for round or square bales as well as silage.

The "Well Built" double trough feeder is our sturdy durable feeder that is made for the rough environment of today's farming operations.  It has the same durable tank steel trough with a ridge in the center to divert the feed to the outside where the cattle can reach it.  It comes standard with the hay basket in the center to carry the round bale of hay.  It can also be used to feed grain and/or silage.

These feeders can be purchased with Skids, 2 wheels or 4 wheels and can be custom built to fit your needs.  The standard lengths of the double trough feeder are 12', 16, 20' and 24'.

8 foot wide with double trough & basket 

8 foot wide double trough with silage inserts

5&1/2 foot wide with single trough and headlocks no basket

       Also available without basket in 4&1/2 and 5&12 foot models.  All are available with skids and no wheels or with two wheels and front jack stands.

This is a 8 Bale carrier with wheel protector they are also available in 6 bale and 10 sizes.'.

8 bale gooseneck carrier; use behind truck or bale fork 

 Bale fork with gooseneck ball for transport

J & L round and square bale feeders and smaller feeders for calves and sheep

8 foot round bale feeder

square bale feeder

Round calf or sheep feeder

We know they're good because we use them on our farm.

For more information, call us at 574-652-2461 or at 574-652-3456.